In 2016, HHS alumni and friends generously donated enough funds to provide roughly $50,000 in Scholarships to many of our deserving HHS graduates. The recipients of these Heritage Scholarships and our other annual Scholarship awards were recognized during the Move-Up Assembly the morning before Commencement, and there were smiles all around.  Every donation makes a difference, and we know there are hundreds of alumni out there who would be proud to support future HHS graduates.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us through Make a Gift option on the home page. 


Caleb Thorn

JOHN BROOKS WILLIAMS I ($1000/yr x 2 years) (Community Foundation)

Kelsie Wallace - $2,000/yr x 2 yrs  (awarded 2 in 2015 for $2,000/yr due to unclaimed)

Tyler Hamby and David Rhode (awarded 2 in 2016)

JOHN BROOKS WILLIAMS II ($1250/yr x 4 years)

Matthew Parce - 4th yr renewal

Makayla Coggins - 3rd yr renewal

Caroline Ryan - 2nd yr renewal

Mary Lynn Marks

LUTHER N AND KATE GARRISON  ($1500/yr x 4 years)

Brittany Garren - 4th yr renewal

Clare Little - 3rd yr renewal

Blair Hawkins - 2nd yr renewal

Ashley Ball

HHSAA HERITAGE $24,000 (1,000 each)

Sierra Arant          Jesus Perez

Ashley Ball          David Rhode

Alyssa Bride          Abigail Rollins

Brooke Cleary          Karen Sanchez

Leah Gordon          Victoria Schandevel

Tully Graziano          Emma Shock

Cameron Hampton          Allison Surrette

Tameron Hill          Caleb Thorn

Wesleigh Marshall          Dawson Walker

Ashlee Mew          Taylor Wright

Kelton Mills          Amy Yarborough

Chance Moore          Augustus O’Leary


2 x $1,000 given to a student to BRCC each year, for 5 years

Ricardo Munoz

Yareli Castaneda

CLASS of 1955

$5555.55 one time scholarship

Emily Johnson

Bob and Becky Elliott Scholarship (6 x $1,000 one time)

Haley Fair

Grace Grubmeyer

Sawyer Hunt

Andrea Kolarova

Colin Mesa

Cami Ortega