2016 Inductees



Richard Pearce


Richard Pearce is a 1941 graduate of Hendersonville High School.  After graduation Dick went into the Navy and was honorably discharged in 1945.  He then went to University ofNorth Carolina for 2 years before transferring to Stetson University where he earned a law and history degree and a masters in American studies. He later spent several years practicing law and held high positions at Stetson, Bethune-Cookman and was president ofMethodist University from 1973-83.  He was a special individual who lead in the area ofcommunity service and encouraged his students to do the same.


Tom and Fran Shipman


Tom and Fran (Page) Shipman were both 1969 graduates of Hendersonville High School.  They were married in 1972.  After school Fran worked in education and worked at HHS as a special education teacher with Skip Gibson. Tom continued his fathers business where he gained his work ethic and provided many services for civic and community groups. Tom and Fran both own the Cedars and the Chariot and for many years have actively continued to support HHS by feeding sports teams, alumni and helping with hundreds of events that we have had here at the school over the last three decades.