Mr. Collins graduated from Hendersonville High in 1968. He later went to NC State to study engineering. After graduation he worked for Westinghouse in Alabama and eventually relocated back to New York. During his lifetime he has started several businesses in a multitude of fields. He has been a successful small businessman

for 36 years. In the late 1990's, Chris entered the world of politics and is presently the Congressman for the 27th Congressional District of New York. 





Mr. Dalbec was a teacher and principal at Hendersonville High School. He came to hendersonville after graduating from the University of Montana and Western Carolina University and began as a teacher of social studies. During his time at Hendersonville High, he was Teacher of the Year, he initiated the Croft Cup, began the Peer Counseling and Mediation program and guided HHS through the merger of the city and county schools systems. Mr. Dalbec was Principal of Hendersonville Junior High for five years before coming back to HHS as Principal from 1992-1997.





Mr. Gibson was a teacher at Hendersonville High School for over 30 years. Skip was a teacher of the trainable mentally handicapped and built a fresh and positive program utilizing the training he received from Florida State University. He established a skills program involving home skills, woodworking and graphic arts with these students. He helped build the Special Olympics into one of the premier programs in North Carolina. His athletes earned many awards, but more importantly, he taught them confidence and self esteem.





Mr. Stillwell came to Hendersonville in 1903. He started his architecture career in 1913 and soon became one of the prominent architects in the area. His greatest influence in the area was his designs of public schools including what we consider his finest achievement....Hendersonville High School. He also designed many other schools and buildings not only in Hendersonville but throughout the Carolinas. He was also co-founder of Six Associates and worked there until his retirement in 1971. Mr. Stillwell passed away in 1978.