Scholarship Impact

As many of you know, our scholarship program is a prized part of this organization. Every year we give multiple $1,000 single-gift scholarships to deserving seniors as they head out into their college experience. To make this happen, our Fundraising Campaign relies on your generous donations -- we are funded by you primarily. This year we aimed to grant a scholarship to every single one of the applicants, and we're just a few donations away from achieving that goal. End of donation collection season is quickly approaching, and we would like to once again ask for your help in assisting as many seniors as possible. These scholarships really do make an impact, as the cost of college is steadily rising. A past scholarship recipient sent us this note on how the scholarship money influenced his ability to pay for the first year of school.

$1,000 goes so much further than most people realize. The closer I got to moving in, the more expenses started piling up. Textbooks were around $400, the microwave and fridge combo rang in at $250, and lab fees added another $200. And that’s just the start – required renters insurance, parking passes, and dining dollars all came next. I’m thankful to the HHS Alumni Association for helping alleviate some of these costs.
— Past Recipient

You can mail in donations to HHS Alumni Association at 1 Bearcat Blvd, Hendersonville, NC 28791. We also have a brand-new Alumni Association website where you can find the “Donate” link, which runs through PayPal. Thank you for your continued support of this school and its graduates, and we wish an enjoyable end of school and start of summer.