Hendersonville High School Alumni Association
Sunday, May 20, 2018

HHS Today

 Hendersonville High School is a unique public school with a rich history, steeped in tradition. HHS is a leader in new and innovative approaches to public education. We value the supportive, nurturing relationships that allow students to discover and develop their talents in a small school. At HHS everybody is somebody, and the diversity of the student body is accepted by all. Over twenty active student organizations and clubs meet the needs and interests of the diverse student body. Parent involvement is evident in the daily activities and provides a positive learning environment. Parents are also strong supporters of all school events. Chartered in 1901, fourth generation HHS students now walk the same halls just as their great grandparents did. HHS alumni bring honor and recognition to a school unparalleled in its history of academics, athletics and the arts. Ours is a school where parents want to send their children, students want to attend, and teachers want to teach.