Hendersonville High School Alumni Association
Thursday, November 23, 2017

About Scholarships

 Scholarships are a top priority for the Alumni Association.  In 2017, the HHSAA provided scholarships to HHS graduates valued at over $55,000!  Some scholarships are endowed and awarded annually with renewals, including the  Brooks Williams I ($1,000/year, 2 year renewable), the Brooks Williams II ($1,250/year, 4 year renewable), HHSAA ($1,000), the Tommy McCullough ($ 500), and the Garrison ($1,500/year, 4 year renewable). In addition to these established gifts, the HHSAA Heritage Scholarships ($1000 per student) are funded by private donations of alumni.  In the spring of each year, the association mails out letters asking for donations and we appreciate any and all donations, which have ranged from $10 to $5,000!  Our intent is to encourage as many alumni as possible to give back to HHS in honor of their time here.   In addition to the Heritage Scholarships, several classes, specifically 1959, 1969, 1979, have started a trend and have awarded their own scholarships.  
We hope to increase the number of scholarships given by reaching out to more and more HHS alumni.  Every dollar raised in the letter-writing campaign goes directly toward funding the Heritage Scholarships with the HHSAA absorbing the costs and labor involved.  If you did not receive a letter this year but would like to contribute to next year's Scholarship Fund, please click here.